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Latina Mother and Newborn BabyOur birth injury and medical malpractice attorneys are available to represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout all of California. You do not need to come to us — we can come to you.  We frequently travel throughout the state and can work out a date and location to meet that is convenient for you.

We take all cases on a contingency fee basis; there are no attorney fees for you unless and until we obtain a settlement or verdict in your case.

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Client TestimonialsVerdicts & Settlements

The following are just a few client testimonials from others we have helped:

“Tom, Rebecca, John, Molly, Alex, Rosa, and Elizabeth helps us navigate our birth injury case with care and compassion, not to mention complete skill. At times we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all, but knowing we had all of you on our team made it bearable.

Thank you all for fighting so hard for us. We truly appreciate the care, kindness, and compassion. We would certainly recommend your firm to others.”

— S.G., Gatos, CA

“Donahue and Horrow, LLP came to me highly recommended, and they did not disappoint. The attorneys of this firm are not just amazing at what they do; they are kind and compassionate people. Through a difficult and delicate situation they always went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable and at ease. I always felt that they had my best interest at heart. I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for me.”

— T.R.

“I am writing in regards to my personal experience with the law office of Donahue & Horrow for a disability insurance claim. My attorney, Michael Horrow, represented me. I found him to be very compassionate towards my circumstances. When there was a need to contact the office I always got a timely response.

Rosa was fantastic at relaying any and all information between Michael and I. Michael was able to provide me with a very fair settlement in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Michael Horrow to friends and family.”

— K.E., Apple Valley, CA

“I found this law firm to be professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable in disability law. The attorneys made clear all my rights under the law, what to expect during the process, and explained my options available. The firm was quick to answer my calls, and prompt in completing all the required paperwork. Michael Horrow did what my previous attorneys could not and got me my disability payments guaranteed for life. I would recommend Donahue & Horrow without hesitation.”

— J.G., Oceanside, CA

“When my husband was diagnosed with late stage cancer, we felt that his doctors had not been properly monitoring his health status. My husband, who was also a prominent attorney, personally approached Tim to represent our family in a malpractice suit. Tom litigated two successful cases for us; a malpractice case before my husband’s death, and a wrongful death case after he died.

During this entire process, we were always impressed by the way we were treated by the entire firm. Everyone we dealt with was responsive, sensitive, and caring, and we felt they became our friends and allies through a very difficult experience. I truly believe that Donahue and Horrow succeeded in securing the best possible outcome for our family. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

— E.G., Santa Monica, CA

“Michael Horrow handled my disability case against UNUM. He worked furiously, carefully, thoroughly for me even coming to Redwoods to interview me. I am happy and have already recommended Michael to my colleagues. What was most impressive is how completely he reviewed UNUM’s record and caught them at their own game! It was fabulous.”

— C.C., Eureka, CA

“I was referred to Mr. Horrow by a lawyer I respect, so I expected him to be knowledgeable, professional, thorough and take good care of me. He did all that. I liked that he was willing to take whatever time I needed to make sure I understood the law that pertained to my case. He never pressured me. He was willing to come to my office for my convenience. He guided me each step even before he knew if I would file a suit, but was quick to get back with me by email or phone. I am sure no one else would have been better for me for this case. He paid attention to my concerns.

I have recommended several others to him for disability cases and will continue to do so in the future. I know he will take good care of them also. Thank you.”

— N.G., Torrance, CA

“The very first time I spoke to you, it was imminently clear to me that you were the person I absolutely needed to have on my side. I appreciate how you handled each conversation personally and took all the time necessary to answer my questions and educate me fully each step of the way. You showed so much compassion, intelligence and strength. It was clear how much you cared and how hard you’d fight for me. You made it easy for me to make decisions throughout this process. I knew every day that I had support and backup that would carry me through. I couldn’t have asked for more.

“Michael, you change people’s lives. You impacted mine in profound ways. It’s not just the settlement, which makes it possible for me to survive, but it’s also how I was able to make it through the last 18 months. Because I had such a level of confidence in your abilities, compassion and drive to do the right thing, I was able to set aside the fear, anxiety and trauma this process created for me. This was instrumental in limiting the damage that stress does to my health which was invaluable.”

— M.

“I came to Michael Horrow when my disability carrier cut my lifetime benefit in half… Mr. Horrow is incredibly competent… affable, thorough and tough… I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone with disability benefit issues.”

— T.C., Malibu, CA

“I had a serious problem when my current employer, where I had worked the past seven years, sat me down and said that my illness was a problem and this was my last day of work. I was a senior executive within a “Big Four” accounting firm. I have been working with the human resources department as I knew that my health was an issue, but I had no idea that this was their solution.

“While my short-term disability was approved, when it came to long-term disability, I was cancelled as soon as possible. I found Michael and his team to be very compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and for the first time in several years I felt like there was someone on my side for a change.

“People are quick to subject lawyers to the butt of their jokes, but in Michael Horrow, one can see someone who cares about his clients and believes in his work.”

— B.P., Valencia, CA

“I’d like to say that I have the highest degree of respect and admiration for the attorneys and staff at Donahue and Horrow. After my insurance company originally denied my disability claim for carpal tunnel, I called several law offices. From my first contact with Donahue and Horrow I knew that they were different from other law firms. I spoke with Rosa, who reassured me that Michael Horrow had many years of experience helping other health professionals dealing with denied disability claims. Within one day of that phone call Michael Horrow called to schedule a face-to-face meeting with me.

“Michael and his dedicated team were extremely attentive through the long and unnerving legal process. I felt sheltered and encouraged by Michael Horrow, who told me what to expect every step of the way. He was able to anticipate every counter move and roadblock that my insurance company through at me.

“Ultimately, I am extremely grateful for all that Donahue and Horrow has done on my behalf. If it were not for their integrity and dedicated experience, I know I would not have anything. Now, I have a good monthly income for the rest of my life.”

— J.L., Carlsbad, CA

“I called and told Rosa my situation; she passed the information to Michael. I then had a phone conference with Michael who, at that time, said he would take my case. Both Rosa and Michael were kind, caring, and made everything very clear and understandable. I would absolutely recommend Donahue & Horrow.”

— S.M., Calimesa, CA

“I want to thank you for the excellent job you performed navigating through the gauntlet of insurance company red tape.

“Mr. Horrow has proved to be excellent… He kept us informed throughout the long process and was successful on every issue. I wish every experience I have had with the legal profession was as pleasant and satisfactory as this one.”

— T.R.

“Dear Michael,

I just wanted to take a minute and express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and knowledge you put into my case. I had given up any hope of receiving any settlement from my accidental death and dismemberment policy before we met. I am still amazed at how fast and efficiently you handled my case. I expected a long, drawn out process if we were going to reach any settlement, but much to my surprise the whole issue was settled in well under a year. I am very thankful for the out of court settlement you were able to reach.

I would also like to show my thanks to the staff at Donahue and Horrow that I worked with. Primarily, Molly Weiss and before her, Rosa Padilla [they] were both very helpful, kind, and professional with any questions or assistance I needed.”

— J.K., Oakley, CA

“Michael was an invaluable resource for me when evaluating both the liability and damages phases of my disability insurance claim against my insurance carrier who would not pay for the time I was unable to go back to work. I realized there was not a huge financial incentive for Michael but was grateful that he was willing to take on my case, as “I was medically and physically disabled. He was extremely professional, candid, and insightful on approaching the issues which resulted in the insurance carrier realizing that a lawsuit with merit was a valid possibility.

His familiarity and prior legal dealings with the insurance carrier as well as his ability to work with the medical professionals involved in my care were instrumental in my decision to request Michael’s representation. His attention to detail was wonderful; he reviewed my medical records thoroughly and carefully researched information from other similar claims to make our points stronger. Rather than turning a deaf ear as the insurance carrier had done to me, they listened to Michael’s presentation of the relevant facts and were persuaded to accept their legal responsibility without us having to go to court. There is no doubt in my mind that Michael’s expertise and talent resulted in this successful outcome of my case.

Michael Horrow is very thorough, personable, and caring. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.”

— J.R., Orange County, CA

“I’m sure you heard the news. Wow, what an experience! I was totally overwhelmed with the process, emotionally bankrupt. At the end of the day, I think I was in total shock. I wondered around in an emotional daze for hours. The good news, I woke up to a Brand New Day. I haven’t seen this kind of day in years. Just thought I would share that with you.

I also want to thank you for all your hard work. I know Michael could not have done what he did without you. You have been so valuable through this whole process. It is people like you that make people like me believe. Your work is impressive but, what I feel you represent as a human being is most impressive. I felt you holding my hand, and I am grateful to you for that. You are amazing. You were at the pulse of the case at all times. Not once did I feel that I needed to talk to Michael for clarification (a first for me, especially, in the legal world). You have been so helpful, and kind, and so supportive, and…

Thank you Nichole, for all you have done on my behalf. There are not enough words (at least in my vocabulary) to express my gratitude.”

— R.S., Walnut Creek, CA

“I just received the check. Thank you. Jeff and I think you are great and we so enjoyed working with you. I hope to be able to have opportunity to refer people to you. I have never met someone who loved their work more than you and I am so grateful that we had the good fortune to have you as our attorney. We also very much appreciated working with Nichole and your staff.

With best wishes and warm regards,”

— C.J., Riverside, CA

The following are just a few of the victories we have obtained for some of our clients:

A child received $6,000,000 in a medical malpractice case which involved negligence in labor and delivery. Read More

Child and Parents recover $4,500,000 from Hospital for failure to diagnose a placental abruption and delayed delivery of baby resulting in brain injury.  Read More

Doctor, Nurse and Hospital settle case for $3,050,000 for failure to monitor patient with tracheostomy who suffered respiratory arrest resulting in brain injury. Read More

Hospital, Obstetrician and Anesthesiologist settle case for $3,000,000 for causing brain injury to woman by failing to diagnose and treat internal bleeding after c-section delivery.  Read More

A woman received $5,500,500 after hospital negligence left her severely and permanently brain damaged.  Read More

$5,000,000 recovered by 1 year old child for hospital and physicians failure to diagnose and treat dehydration after open heart surgery. Read More

Child and mother child receive $2,900,000 for negligence by Hospital and Obstetrician for failure to timely delivery baby with abnormal fetal heart rate.  Read More

Minor child and his parents received $2,680,000 from Obstetrician and Hospital for negligent delay in delivering baby causing brain injury.  Read More

Child receives $2,400,000 from hospital, obstetrician and pediatrician for negligence in labor, delivery and neonatal care.  Read More

Anesthesiologist and Hospital settle case for $2,375,000 for failure to recognize respiratory distress in child after surgery. Read More

$1,979,000 settlement for serious brain injury to newborn for negligence in labor and delivery and resuscitation.  Read More

A lawyer receives $1,100,000 after own-occupation disability insurer wrongfully denies traumatic brain injury as a disability. Read More

$2,000,000 settlement for severe brain injury to adult woman (now in a coma) from undiagnosed and untreated hydrocephalus. Read More

$1,850,000 settlement by Obstetrician and Hospital for failure to timely deliver fetus in distress resulting in brain injury. Read More

$1,200,000 recovered from Hospital and Emergency Medicine Physician for wrongful death of adult woman for failure to diagnose and treat internal bleeding.  Read More

$1,075,000 for wrongful death of adult woman for negligence by vascular surgeon in removing inferior vena cava filter.  Read More

Plastic surgeon settled for $1,000,000 for causing brain injury to adult woman during outpatient fat transfer procedure.  Read More

Young adult woman receives $1,000,000 from Obstetrician for failure to diagnose and treat pre-eclampsia.  Read More

A woman received $1,000,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for breast cancer testing. Read More

OB/GYN received $1,900,000 after an insurance company unreasonably denied her claim after paying benefits on a private disability policy for three years. Read More

A periodontal surgeon suffered a severe hand laceration and digital nerve injury to his dominant hand. He received $1,000,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied his claim for disability benefits. Read More

A senior manager totally disabled due to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome received $650,000 settlement for ERISA-governed wrongfully denied disability claim. Read More

A self-employed Certified Public Accountant received $500,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied his claim for disability benefits. Read More

A dentist suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome received $850,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied his claim for disability benefits. Read More

$850,000 recovery for female physician disabled from severe neck and spine pain whose claim for disability benefits was wrongfully denied. Read More

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