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Boy with Cerebral PalsyHaving a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) is a difficult challenge for any parent to have to face.  Although living with CP is not an easy thing to do, you also do not have to go through this on your own.

Our lawyers are here to help you pursue compensation for your child’s birth injury so that the costs of your child’s care now and in the future will be covered.  We have also prepared a list of places where you can find information, counseling, general support, and even social network groups online so you can connect with others living with cerebral palsy.

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Cat with Horners Syndrome

Horner’s Syndrome

Horner’s syndrome is a rare condition characterized by miosis (constriction of the pupil), ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid), and anhidrosis (absence of sweating of the face). It is caused by damage to the sympathetic nerves of the face, and can be the result of a birth injury

Cranial Nerve Facial Nerve Injury Lawyers

Facial Nerve Paralysis (Palsy)

The prognosis in cases of Facial Nerve Paralysis (Palsy) varies according to the House-Brackmann Facial Nerve Grading Global Score. Young children may recover on their own, babies with nerve damage due to perinatal trauma may also recover on their own by the age of four months, but up to 5% of babies suffering a birth injury related palsy will not recover on their own.

Birth Injury Lawyers for Fetal lacerations during birth

Fetal Lacerations Caused by a C-Section Birth

Fetal lacerations are unintentional cuts or tears to an infant and can occur as the result of a botched caesarean section (c-section) delivery. During a c-section, the baby is delivered through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. In certain circumstances, the surgeon may cause injury to the infant by negligently cutting through the infant’s skin.

Anterior view of right brachial plexus.

Klumpke’s Paralysis

Klumpke Paralysis (may also be referred to as Klumpke’s Palsy or Dejerine-Klumpke Palsy) is a type of birth injury caused by an injury to the nerves of the brachial plexus which may result from a: difficult or assisted vaginal delivery or fetal lacerations during a c-section birth.

Scalp Hematomas Infant Brain Injury

Cephalohematoma (CH) Caused by a Birth Injury

Cephalhematoma is a type of hemorrhage where blood collects between the skull and the periosteum, a membrane between the skull and skin. Blood can cause pressure on the brain and although some may resolve on their own, this type of injury should be closely monitored as complications can arise.


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